Our Motorcycle Insurance offers the coverage you need.

Argus understands the needs of motorcyclists and can help you select the right level of coverage and service. 

Our Motorcycle Insurance coverage offers protection against a wide range of risks.



Argus Motorcycle Insurance provides financial protection for your motorcycle against accidental damage caused by a Third Party.

Theft, Loss or Damage

Theft, Loss or Damage

Comprehensive Only: Argus Motorcycle Insurance offers plans against loss, theft or damage of your motorcycle.

Liability to Third Parties

Liability to Third Parties

Our Motorcycle Insurance policies will cover you against your legal liabilities to third parties arising as a result of an accident during use of the motorcycle.

Additional Protection

Multi-Policy Discount

Enjoy the benefits of a multi-policy discount by insuring more than one vehicle with Argus.

Recovery & Legal Defence

Motorcycle recovery and European Legal Defence is available for an additional Premium.

No Claim Discount

For each claim free year we will give you a discount for each year you do not file a claim, until you reach the maximum level after 4 years.

Compulsory Insurance Requirements

Stay safe on our roads, Argus Motorcycle Insurance includes the mandatory coverage you need for motorcycle riding.

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