Our Future Is You.

Tell us your idea for the chance to help shape the #Next70 years.

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we're supporting the people who will shape our community's future—our youth.


This year, we will be donating over €70,000 to innovative, youth initiatives across our locations in Malta, Gibraltar, Bermuda and Canada.


If you have a youth-based idea that supports a registered charity or non-profit organisation in Malta, we want to hear from you! Each winning idea will receive €8,500.

How to have your say



Submit a youth-based idea that will help strengthen our community.



Argus selects their top ideas based on the judging criteria outlined below.



Argus staff will vote for the ideas they think will have the most impact. The two ideas with the most votes win.



The charities or non-profits associated with winning ideas receive €8,500.


Share your ideas now


This contest is open to legal residents of Malta, who complete the online idea submission form. Ideas submitted must support a registered charitable or non-profit organization to be considered.

TIP: If you don’t work for the charity or non-profit organization associated with your idea, you may want to confirm its feasibility before submitting.

Yes. If you have more than one idea, please feel free to submit additional applications.

Ideas must support youth-focused initiatives to be considered. All submissions will be judged based on the following categories: innovation, inspiration, creativity, sustainability, feasibility and impact on youth in the community. Confirming the feasibility of your idea with its associated charity or non-profit organization in advance will also strengthen your entry.

Once the Argus Steering Committee has selected their top ideas, the shortlist will be shared with Argus Malta staff to vote on the top two ideas they think will have the most impact.

Winners will be announced Nov 6, 2020. Argus will donate €8,500 to the registered charitable or non-profit organisation that will support the execution of your idea.

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If you had €8,500 to support Malta’s youth, what would you do? Tell us your idea by Oct 28, 2020 for a chance to bring it to life.

Answer now

Our Future is You

If you had €8,500 to support youth in our community, what would you do?

Please summarise your idea and how it will shape the #Next70 years in your community in 500 words or less. Answering the following questions is a great place to start:

  • What makes your idea unique?
  • Does your idea address the challenges youth face today?
  • Can your idea engage a diverse range of youth?
  • How feasible is your idea?
  • Does your idea have longevity?
Remember, your idea will be judged on the following criteria:
Innovation, Inspiration, Creativity, Sustainability, Feasibility, Impact on youth in the community

By clicking Submit, you agree to the contest Rules & Regulations and the Argus Privacy Policy.