Property Managers
& Landlords

Argus offers many types of insurance from which one can choose the coverage that will best meet their needs.


At Argus, we understand the concerns and challenges of building ownership. Our plans preserve your equity with coverages that work best for you.


Argus offers protection for all building contents that you own or for which you are responsible.

Consequential Loss

Argus protects your cash flow if tenants stop paying rent due to an unexpected event (e.g. flood or fire).

Additional Protection

Public Liability

Coverage provides Liability at Law for damages occurring in or about the buildings, for accidental bodily injury to or disease contracted by any person and for accidental loss or damage to material property.

Machinery Breakdown

Argus plans offer coverage for sudden or unforeseen physical loss of or damage to any machinery in your buildings such as lifts and barriers.

Employers’ Liability

Provides cover for any person under contract who sustains injury or disease during the course of their employment. The company will indemnify the Insured for any damages, claimants’ costs and expenses incurred.

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Why Choose Argus?

At Argus, we’re proud that all of our underwriting and our claims decisions are made right here in Malta. Contact us and find out why property managers and landlords have trusted Argus for speedy, friendly and local insurance coverage for over a decade.

Excellent Customer Service

When you need a quote, immediate cover, or you need to make a claim, we pledge to give you an instant response, locally made.

The Right Level of Coverage

Worried about having too much or too little coverage? Our experts will help you decide the level of coverage best for you.

Quick Claims Payments

We understand that time is money. That is why, at Argus, we process and pay your claims as quickly as possible.

Responsible Business

Argus cares about the local community and strongly supports it through our business activities and through a community and charitable support programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buildings insurance covers the structure of the building, together with its fixtures and fittings: it covers the cost of repair or rebuilding after fire or weather damage, for instance. Contents insurance covers the contents of the commercial building that you own or for which you are responsible.

It covers the main structure of your investment. If it were to subside, burn down or be damaged or destroyed by extreme weather, the policy will cover the costs of rebuilding or repair. It also normally covers any permanent fixtures. Do check your building’s insurance policy for any exclusions: most policies will include coverage for outbuildings, boundary walls, gates, drives and paths as standard. Such policies will also typically cover the cost of temporary accommodation should the building need to be rebuilt or if there is a need to move out because the building is severely damaged—for instance, by flood.

Contents insurance covers the contents of the building that you own or for which you are responsible. This may include items such as furniture, carpets or equipment/machinery. Contents coverage is applicable to those contents that are damaged or lost as a result of a fire, theft and special perils. You may be asked to specify certain items on the policy and you may be asked to make additional security provisions such as locks or a burglar alarm if the building is in an area with a high theft rate.

A good buildings or contents insurance company knows that a well-handled claim usually results in a happy customer. We will first want to make sure your claim is valid and covered by your policy terms. When that is done, we will want to settle the claim as quickly as possible—especially in extreme cases. Generally, a claim is settled within a few weeks of the policyholder making it.

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